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Q & A presentation
 with my business partner Jett:

Jett has been a part of BitClub Network since 2016.  He has over 100 BitClub Founder Positions, and has earned millions of dollars with his BitClub Network Enterprise!


BitClub Network

After over 20 years of being in the Affiliate/Network Marketing industry, making great money with the freedom to travel the world etc. I came to the conclusion that the absolute Ultimate Passive Income Business must meet the 10 following conditions…

…and I think the BitClub Network does just that!
  • The product needs to be like a ‘printing press’ that legally generates #Bitcoin every single day without you ever needing to lift a finger.
  • The product needs to have incredible potential to increase in value over time. Bitcoin has been going gang busters the last couple years!
  • It needs to be a business that absolutely any person on Earth can participate in. Bitcoin is not country specific.
  • It needs to require Zero skill and NO technical ability to profit from. (We have simplified the process of acquiring Bitcoin)
  • There needs to be ZERO requirement to ever sponsor or refer someone before you can be paid.
  • It needs to provide residual income every day with zero monthly fees.
  • It needs to give the affiliate/investor the ability to withdraw their earnings instantly any time they want – day or night.
  • The more people use bitcoin the more valuable it becomes. There will only be 20M of them. Incentivizing people to spread the bitcoin message will create wide spread usage and acceptance. The program needs to have a generous Compensation Plan for those who want to help their friends profit from mining bitcoin too.
  • It needs to generate walk away daily residual income with little to no attrition.
  • It needs to be positioned in front of a large trend taking place in a multi trillion dollar industry. Currency trading is a $8 Trillion a day business. Imagine the possibilities if we only captured a small % of that!
…Bitclub was created for 1 reason… To crowd-fund a bitcoin transaction processor! (A bitcoin mine) We want to help the average person, from anywhere in the world, cash in on Bitcoin! Check it out today!
-Joby Weeks